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Our previous projects

Here you can find out about the projects we have worked on in the past.

English-Vietnamese translations
  • Everyone votesPA 2016 Voter Guide (22,000 words)
  • Brochures for Gonorrhea, HPV, Syphilis, Chlamydia
  • Cancer brochure
  • Development of Strategy, Roadmap, IT Architecture, Standards and Prototype of e-Government for Da Nang City
  • Lao Cai Facility Testing of Type I and Type III Ore for Production of Phosphoric Acid
  • Proposal for a high technology HF communications system for the Vietnam Ministry of National Defence (6,000 words)
  • Lubricant selection for applications in the food-processing industry
  • 6 consent forms need to be translated into Vietnamese
  • One Health Global Core Competencies
  • Consent form of Addressing low treatment rates of Chronic Hepatitis C virus in injecting drug user.Consent form
  • Consent form of Ozurdex for combined Pseudophakic Cystoid Macular
  • 12 non-fiction children books
  • Global Catastrophes: A Very Short Introduction by Bill McGuire (150 pages)
  • Collapse – How societies choose to fall or succeed by Jared Diamond. (600 pages)
  • Combined Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Form - Anthem Blue Cross HMO (28,500 words)
  • Combined Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Form - Anthem Blue Cross EPO (25,300 words)
  • Policy of Canada
  • Health Insurance Papers
  • Insurance company: 
  • Life Insurance Glossary (230 entries, 11500 words)
  • Applying for asylum in UK
  • Assisted Voluntary Return papers from UK
  • Privacy Policy of Immigration Advocates Network
  • Newcomer Canadian Law Handbook
  • Lethbridge College International Viewbook 2013-14
  • Enrollment Packet of Brooker Charter Schools
  • Summer Learning Project Information of Boston After School and Beyond

English-Cambodian (Khmer) translations:
  • Cancer brochure
  • Draft on E-Commerce Law_Review
  • Wellness Education Newsletter
  • Nurse Delegation Special Focus on Diabetes (25,000 words)
  • Investigating Sexual Exploitation (Khmer)
  • Home Care Aide Basic Training
  • Towers Watson survey
  • Pap Tests A Healthy Habit for You
  • MediCal Member Handbook
  • Transcription CAMB>ENG- 71minutes
  • Anthem Blue Cross Partnership Plan (22,066 words)
  • Medi-Cal Member Handbook/Benefit Year 2012-2013 (26,000 words)
  • Newborn_Sociodemographic_Survey
  • Restitution Letter & Victim_Witness ESL
  • infractions information request
  • DemographicQuestionnaire
English-Laos translations
  • Wellness Education Newsletter
  • Home Care Aide Basic Training (24,000 words)
  • Restitution Letter & Victim_Witness ESL
  • Customer Insight Form & Insight leaflet (3,000 words)
  • Notice of Enrollment/Program Placement
  • Adjudication Template
  • Notice of Hearing Date and Time
  • infractions information request

English-Burmese and Karen S’gaw translations:
  • Cancer brochure (Karen S’gaw 2,000 words)
  • Weekly leaders’ massage to employees (2,000 words per week).
  • Catalogue of transformers.
  • The Law Protecting Ethnic Rights
  • Myanmar Coastal and Inland Waterway Transportation
  • The Law Amending the Law on the Right to Peaceful Assembly and Peaceful Procession
  • The Law of Inland Water Transport Board Law
  • GCI Coverage for Immigrant Families Factsheet
  • GCI Health Coverage for Refugees
  • GCI What Does Medicaid Mean For Me Factsheet
  • Tuberculosis Factsheet

English to Hmong translations:
  • Application for independent medical review
  • Joint Notice of Privacy Practices for Medical Information
  • Payment Assistance Application
  • Informed Consent for Dental Procedures
  • Collecting and Storing Breastmilk
  • Dignity Health Survey Card
  • application for educational benefits/free or reduced price meals - 2015/2016 school year
  • authorization for presence of observer(s)in the operating or procedure room and release of protected health information
  • denial of request for individual’s amendment of
  • protected health information (PHI)

English to Thai translations:
  • Attorney Employment Agreement
  • Adjudication Template
  • Wankham Criminal Background Letter_Haleem Bayoumi
  • Daily Report on Lost Property
  • WCP Disclaimer

English to Tagalog translations:
  • Health Net Summary of Benefits and Coverage (50,000 words)
  • Garage Sales Regulations Summary
  • Transportation Levy to Move Seattle

English to Chinese translations:
  • Brochures for Gonorrhea, HPV, Syphilis, Chlamydia
  • Cancer brochure
  • Parent Handbook 2015-2016
  • Presentation Logistics Center
  • TICFYC Parent/Caregiver Survey 2015

And many more documents which we do not list here.